nkh kodd bureau


Tiny apartment, 40 m²

Moscow, Russia, 2020

One-room apartment for a couple in a residential area in Moscow. 
In our projects, we try to consider the problem of small areas and unreasonable consumption of materials (environment - friendliness, rational design, etc.). Moreover, it being the year 2020, the main goal was to make the project as budget-friendly as possible. In many new houses, there is a problem of replacing all utilities, window structures, doors, radiators, useless partitions in a wrong place, because the layout is not comfortable for living, and in most cases, everything is made of low-quality materials and often made not by technology or by unskilled staff. And that's all despite the fact that all these elements are new and it should be removed. This situation is more than typical for Russia. One can only guess how many tons of construction waste is thrown away after construction of new house when owners start renovating their new apartments. Due to this problem we decided to leave all surfaces untouched as much as possible. We didn't replace radiators, and the windows were fixed. All concrete surfaces were varnished - a clean concrete ceiling is more expressive. We chose to leave the concrete surfaces because of their aesthetic and natural qualities. It is endowed with a real texture, has its own ornament, which comes from the combination of materials used. It reveals its sculptural and atmospheric potential. The maintenance of this type of a surface is very easy and it is affordable, but at the same time it makes the place look very imposing. We haven't put on a single lamp on the ceiling, but at the same time we decided to make the rest of the lighting high-quality and mobile. In this case the ceiling looks like a clean and expressive surface. All lighting is very soft in order to create a pleasant warm atmosphere, and spotlights have used where necessary. With those ways, we managed to save about 50% of the budget for all types of works. These simple solutions helped us reduce environmental impact and save some of the budget for more meaningful interior solutions. Properly designed plan of the apartment maximizes the main living area. All household items and appliances are hidden in cabinets that are a devision between rooms in the apartment. You can also change the configuration of the sofas as they are very light, or fold the table and put it to the wall. When the table is not in use, the top and the base will form a completely flat piece of furniture that is easy to store away. Assembly is equally effortless. The architectural component of the project prevails over the colors and decor. The whole interior is in monochrome colors with warm light. Every object matters, especially in small spaces - it becomes important to have bold and innovative thinking so that functionality, comfort and many other aspects of design can be combined into more meaningful thoughts.