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One-room apartment, 38 m²

Moscow, Russia


Not every customer can safely say - "I want minimalism!" This is because many people think that this is more about asceticism, self-denial, refusal of comforts and deprivation of benefits, and not about self-sufficiency and the philosophy of important things. Quite the opposite. In every project we try to create an environment that meets everyday life. The NV1 project was based on the client's personal preferences, our role was to create a calm and comfortable interior with an understanding of the importance of free space and usable space as the main features of minimalism. Following Einstein's principle - to make “everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”, the result is a practical interior, but close to life. All the necessary areas for organizing everyday life are located in a small area. The flexibility of the space is complemented by multi-stage lighting, soft tones and functionality. Orange smart light that changes the environment, as a kind of metaphor - what is real and what is contrived.

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