One-room apartment, 38 m²

Moscow, Russia, 2019

The project is entirely built on the basic wish - to create a calm and integral space. For the color picker, we used three primary colors with low chromaticity. To avoid oversaturation, they abandoned bulky furniture and decor. We are not the first to talk about the influence of information noise; residents of a big city are the target audience of excess information and stress. Clean lines with the help of light weave the space into a single "cocoon". Form architecture is built around functionality and prioritizing important things. The apartment has no partitions, only the bathroom is separated, the rest of the zones are arranged in the same area. Two cabinets form the entrance hall, storage and wardrobe, as well as a washing machine and bulky household items in one of the cabinets. The entrance hall does not evoke a sense of alienation, the door is painted in the color of the walls. The living part of the apartment, in which the kitchen is as light as possible, was disguised as ordinary cabinets. A soft sofa module is located in the center. For the project, luminaires with an acute angle of focused light were chosen so that the light spreads across the white floor, without giving highlighted spots on the walls. This creates a more comfortable environment by creating a sense of depth. Also, colors with low chromaticity are susceptible to the influence of natural light. Shadows, light and penumbra follow their daily order, changing the color and mood of the space. This is the answer to the question about the lack of other colors besides the three basic ones. It was the client's wish to create a minimalistic environment, but the materials must be resistant to cleaning. The surface of the walls and floor is covered with strong compounds.